Plummeting Home Values Have Minimal Outcome On property Depreciation Taxes

Among the commissioners endorsing the repeal was Commission President John Dowlin. But Dowlin’s opponent in the March 2 Republican primary, Cincinnati City Council Member Pat DeWine, accused him of flip-flopping on the issue. DeWine noted that two weeks ago, Dowlin supported a resolution approved by the County Commissioners Association of Ohio to oppose the tax repeal.

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“I’m glad that he voted the right way now, but too bad it took an election for John Dowlin to realize taxes are too high,” DeWine said. “We need a commissioner who thinks that way 365 days a year, not just during an election. “It’s amazing what some people will do to save their political skins,” DeWine added. Dowlin countered that the earlier vote by the association was sparked by concerns that the $750 million to $800 million in state spending cuts needed to pay for the repeal would be made by eliminating state aid given to local governments.

Hamilton County receives about $25 million annually from Ohio’s local government fund, toward the county’s $250 million budget. “Our major concern was the easy answer for cutting expenses is to cut the local government fund that helps townships, villages, cities, counties and libraries,” Dowlin said. “That letter we sent to Blackwell was to show concern, and ask him for details about where the cuts would be made.”

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Hamilton County must comply with $150 million in unfunded state mandates, and losing the state aid received now would worsen the burden, he added. “That’s 10 percent of our budget. How do we handle that?” Dowlin asked. “I don’t think I’m flip-flopping. The major thing we said in Columbus is we are concerned.” DeWine remained skeptical of Dowlin’s motives in the recent vote. “I have remained consistent in working to roll back taxes and cut wasteful spending,” he said.